Lazyman Supported LunarVim Neovim Configurations

The following are Lazyman supported LunarVim based Neovim configurations:

Install all Lazyman supported LunarVim configurations with the command lazyman -i lunarvim.

What is LunarVim

LunarVim is one of the most popular Neovim “distributions” along with LazyVim, AstroNvim, and NvChad. These aren’t really distributions, they do not include Neovim, but that is what they are called. They are more accurately described as “Neovim configuration frameworks”. In most cases they provide some pre-configuration of plugins as well as an easy way to extend the base configuration.

A Neovim configuration framework can be of considerable assistance in managing the exploding Neovim plugin ecosystem, quickly and easily incorporating advanced features, and maintaining an up-to-date Neovim configuration.

Features that distinguish LunarVim include:

  • Well maintained and mature
  • Custom installation processs installs LunarVim in an isolated location
  • Been around a while, large community, widespread presence on the web

Read our overview and comparison of Neovim configuration distributions.


LunarVim ships with a sane default config for you to build on top of. Features include autocompletion, integrated terminal, file explorer, fuzzy finder, LSP, linting, formatting and debugging.


Just because LunarVim has an opinion doesn’t mean you need to share it. Every builtin plugin can be toggled on or off in the config.lua file. This is the place to add your own plugins, keymaps, autocommands, leader bindings and all other custom settings.


LunarVim lazyloads plugins wherever possible to maximize speed. Disabled plugins also will not decrease speed due to the plugin list being compiled with only the active plugins. This strategy allows LunarVim to not have to choose between features and speed.

Core Plugins List

See the LunarVim core plugins list